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Well, I think we have a good summer, which has given me many opportunities to dogs in the woods and parks away. Now, three weeks ago during a walk in the forest could feel my cockswinging loose inside my pants and started to semi hard. Well, the sun was hot and I could not resist sliding my hand in my pants and started rubbing my cock as I went, after a few minutes I stopped and sat on a log, starting eyses Cloed and my tail to attract to good. After 10 minutes, a voice Ivankovic asked if I was enjoying myself surprised I took my hand and murmured an apology, that impressed me was sitting next to me and asked me not to stop, and immediately went on to say that and her husband to protect each other and loved masterbate. This led me and I slid my hand down my shorts, meatime rubbed the side of his jeans. grannydump wanted After a while asked me to leave my shorts, as they look to me to shoot my sperm, which is roand ankles in grannydump seconds and I was grannydump standing next to her and she told me to masturbate fast and sperm, which did not last long, and ended with five or six loads of cum shooting into the air throgh the floor. when she rose to leave, gave me his address and told to be there by July 30 of the clock, as I have fun. Now, to the point of 7. 30, a grannydump bottle of wine in hand, knocked on the door and was shown into the room, went out for a drink and while away I looked around the table and in about a chair was a small two big dildos. came and gave me the wine, where she opened her dress and dropped to the ground, she was naked underneath and sat in the saddle from sliding forward and spread her legs so she could clearly see pussey, began to rub her clit and the vibrator and play with it some on her clit. grannydump told me to undress and play with my cock, but to see, grow and raise the violet end of the foreskin of the beloved, she told me not to cum yet. not take them time to orgasm and you could see your hips money and the enlargement of the clitoris and labia engourged pussey. I stopped stroking a hard cock in a grannydump different way and wonder what comes next. I have seen for ages told me that I used to her and her husband, so that made me explode. Then gpt between her legs, are not affected and asked me to bring to masturbate and so took the vibrator 9inch smaller or larger, leading directly to her pussy - all the way and then started playing with her ​​clit. then told me that if I 'm ready to go, I had to shoot milk all over her hands, and pussey vibrator, and it was not long, and I lent forward and shoot the load after load of cum in his hand that was her clitoris with the grannydump game, rubbed my cum all over her crotch and sliding her fingers, as well as vibration and orgasm almost out of the chair. Then the fingers of my cum and licked her juices, while ou the vibratort and savoring lick their juices. thanked me say it was four years ago, since her husband died and she had lost and hoped masterbation mutaul occasionally meet more of the same, but the sex. I've seen a couple of times with slight variations as to where I deposit my load, but it always ends with semen from escaping from the fingers - it looks so dirty. grannydump to continue.
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Mardi 15 mai 2 15 /05 /Mai 13:47

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